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China Chemical Machinery Network-Online Marketing Guide

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China Chemical Machinery Network News:
I. Diversification of business marketing methods
Business marketing methods can be diversified, such as * basic face-to-face sales, telemarketing, conference marketing, etc. In the era of e-commerce, email marketing, QQ group marketing, forum marketing, blog / weibo marketing, etc. have become extremely common. However, calling and sending emails are directly to customers' personal marketing methods. Under the flood, it is easy to be treated as spam calls or spam emails; and if the products are marketed through blogs, microblogs, forums, etc., there is no certain skill and patience. Not enough, just like the popular "Tieguanyin brother" in previous years, no matter blogs, QQ groups or forums are full of his active figure, as long as the advertising information has a high appearance rate and a wide penetration rate, it will also be generated when the audience is forced to accept it. Opportunities for business-just being disgusted by the audience is unavoidable.

Second, the network marketing skills in China Chemical Machinery Network
The business marketing methods of online merchants are ingenious and diverse. As for which to use, it depends on the flexible choice of salesmen. So as a salesman of the production and operation enterprise of chemical machinery and accessories, how can we achieve online marketing?
Here, Xiao Bian will provide some suggestions and tips for everyone.
As an industry website, in addition to having a large amount of industry information, China Chemical Machinery Network * the key is to have a good B2B operation platform. The website can participate in the operation of the website by applying for free / paid membership. As a website member, there are several operations provided in the background:
1. Publish corporate dynamic news; 2. Publish product information; 3. Publish success stories and soft articles of the type selected by online merchants; 4. Publish recruitment information; 5. Publish supply and demand information; 6. Optimize website interface; add product catalogs and links Wait.
After clarifying these items, I will tell you one by one how to play the functions of these operation items.
1. The first is to publish corporate dynamic news -corporate dynamic news is mainly about the company's external business or internal activities of dynamic information, such as " Nanjing Wuhe and Zhongtian Hitachi Optical Fiber Cable Co., Ltd. " " Shenzhen Huafeng was hired as Member of the National Coatings and Pigment Standardization Technical Committee . "
Of course, the news with pictures and texts is better. For example, " Longteng Yudian creates brilliant-Yudian live broadcast of the tail tooth feast in 2011 ".
However, some salespersons are not as attentive as the salespersons of the above-mentioned companies. They often copy the company profile and publish a piece of information, or publish dozens of product advertisements and swipe the screen. Such dynamic information is used during the review process. It cannot be passed.
For quality * corporate news, the website will naturally stick to the top recommendation. After the top, it will usually be displayed in the "enterprise dynamics" section of the homepage and the first article in the information section of the enterprise library. I believe that sincere dedication will be exchanged for due encouragement. It is * not desirable for advertising messages and perfunctory false information.
The original information of the company is more acceptable to the audience, and it is also easier for the search engines to collect and capture. Publishing high-quality original information can not only increase corporate exposure, but also help build a good corporate image. Why not do it?
(2) Publishing product information-I believe that after registering as a member, I will receive a careful return call from our customer service. Ordinary members can post 20 pieces of product information, * members and VIP members have 1,000 pieces and more. The review of product information is mainly the review of product titles, pictures and information details. Needless to say the picture, only the picture has the truth; the product title should list the keywords and main information of the product, do not enter too many garbled characters to interfere with later searches; contact details and hyperlinks are not allowed in the product information details Yes, because this website's platform is a B2B platform and not a private advertising platform for individual companies, it will not be approved during the review process.
The advantages of paid members are: three optimization fields title (title), keywords (keywords), description (description). Filling in and perfecting these optimization fields carefully can not only enrich product information and improve page quality, but also help later search engines to collect and crawl.
(3) Publication of Success Stories and Web Business Articles- This is a soft text section where members can post personal insights, corporate growth stories or some insights. By publishing soft articles, it is possible to establish a corporate image and increase exposure to a certain extent.
For example, " Can a science and technology enterprise escape the short-lived paradox ?" Reproduced by Shanghai Bybo Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd., "A bird chooses to live on a tree, what kind of boss cannot follow it " issued by Changzhou Jinling Drying Equipment Co., and Shunmuyi Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd.'s original " Thank Kunming Yushun for passing the simple life in my life ".
However, there are always some salespersons in these sections who release product knowledge and technical literature, and the editor will forward the appropriate to the technical channel. The source will write the name of the business. But what I want to say is that it is more efficient to publish the right articles in the right sections .
(4) Release of recruitment information and supply and demand information- I don't need to say more about these two sections, the key is that the theme is clear and concise.
5) Optimize the website interface- After the revision in April 2011, members can operate the background page to optimize the corporate interface style. Add product catalogs, add corporate dynamics, add links, and more. Users only need to spend some time to more clearly show the corporate face to the visiting users. If these operations are unclear, you can also call customer service to experience better service.
It is worth mentioning that the real-name authentication function introduced during the same period has also been supported by many new and old users. The real-name authentication function is an enhanced function that is added after the members return to verify, in addition to the phone, address, and user identity The company name must also be consistent with the business license. This reduces the number of fraudulent users to a certain extent.

Having said that, Xiaobian hopes that the majority of users and friends can really use these functions in the background. A little more serious and more responsible, I believe you will be satisfied with the return you receive.

Appendix : Diversified marketing methods of the business. The following methods are listed below for your reference. You can also combine and innovate freely:
1. Face-to-face sales: This is a traditional marketing method that is suitable for same-city sales. The transaction rate is * high, but also * time-consuming.
2. Telemarketing: In the training industry, these are the two main marketing methods that go hand-in-hand with face-to-face sales. The advantages are wide coverage, fast speed, cost savings, and cross-province cities. The disadvantage is that the transaction rate is low and it is easy to be Rejection, career challenges.
3, conference marketing: do some public welfare salons, send out some promotional materials, remember to talk about the substantive content, do publicity and promotion * only take up 10% of the time, do not do too much like conference marketing, usually people will be disgusted.
4. Email marketing: You can use manual collection of mailboxes to send emails, or you can use software to collect emails (fast, but beware of being blocked, etc.). Of course, this does not comply with the "Administrative Measures for Internet E-mail Services". The author agrees not to send e-mails, and the advertisements must be marked with "Ad" or "AD". The thunder and thunder are small. In China's law enforcement environment, we also receive spam emails every day. It seems that we haven't heard a few of the punishments. Among them, there are large websites such as Dangdang and QQ. Anyway, everyone. Weigh yourself. If you want to use email marketing, remember to pay attention to the title and content, and do not delete the title without thinking about it.
5. QQ group marketing: This consists of two parts, building a QQ group and adding a QQ group. (1) Building a QQ group: Beware of diving groups and advertising groups. You can do online training, reading and sharing, theme discussions, and other activities. The group rules are fully implemented. When the group is active, the ranking can be ranked high, and it is easy to be searched. There are dozens of people joining the group every day. It can do a good job in shaping the professional image and do some publicity and promotion in a timely and appropriate manner. Thereby promoting business development. (2) Add QQ group: add related group, add super group, active group, now many QQ groups are not allowed to advertise, in order to avoid being T, become a one-time passer-by and even affect the corporate image, so you can For software advertising, first change the group business card to a name related to your company or business (provided that it meets the group rules), and often speak in the group to increase the name exposure, and at the same time, you can send some information to the group album and group sharing , You can put the company's logo on the information, or send the information by mass mail (this is usually allowed).
6. Forum Marketing: Live up the forum of the corporate website and gather popularity. On the one hand, it can bring traffic to bring business. On the other hand, one side can build a professional image and have an intellectual bank. At the same time, it can provide a platform for customers / trainees to communicate and relearn . Good popularity first requires a lot of information, good, original, fast update, and a good point incentive system at the same time 7, Baidu Wenku marketing: send some information in Baidu Wenku (* good is original), and then in the header of the information In the footsteps of the industry or *, plus the company's publicity and contact information, many people will now search Baidu Wenku for relevant information.
8. Blog marketing: Let the company's trainers build professional blogs, publish original articles, increase visits, and demonstrate professional strength.
9. SEO marketing: do SEO (optimization) for company websites, forums, blogs, and QQ space, increase URL inclusion, friendship links, and improve Baidu's Google search engine rankings, because now many people have become search control, keyword settings It is also very important. Of course, this work is very professional and continuous. You can also ask a professional SEO agency to do it. The company has more chances of being searched and more visited traffic, and the business will naturally not rise.
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