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Last Updated: 2014/3/5 View Count: 32623
  • Name:
  • Wang Huifeng
  • gender:
  • male
  • Nationality:
  • Han nationality
  • marital status:
  • unmarried
  • Year of birth:
  • May 1991
  • height:
  • 163cm
  • job title:
  • please choose
  • Education:
  • Undergraduate
  • profession:
  • Process Equipment and Control Engineering
  • graduated school:
  • Qinghai University
  • graduation time:
  • July 2014
  • Jobs Wanted:
  • Equipment engineer, equipment administrator
  • Job category:
  • Chemical Technology
  • Talent Type:
  • Graduates
  • work experience:
Personal profile
I am cheerful, stable, and energetic, and I am warm and sincere. Work conscientiously, actively, and hardworking. Strong organizational skills, practical skills, and teamwork spirit, can quickly adapt to and integrate into various environments. I am not the best, but I am the most hardworking; I am not too conspicuous, but I am very solid; I hope my efforts will satisfy you.
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