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    Invite partner
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    part time
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    In order to adapt to the current market, we decided to invite sales partners nationwide. The so-called sales partner is the basic salary and profit sharing model. This condition doesn't sound very good. Don't worry about it. Our company used to have a sales team and was very disappointed that it did not train qualified sales staff, so we want to invite the excellent you in such a way without a base salary. No matter how you used to be, as long as you are a sales talent, then you will get a surprise when you join us. You open up a market for me, and I add a lot of income for you. I hope you can bring new hope to my company Brand new vision, brand new career.
    Partnership conditions: 1. You set the sales price. 2. You set the sales commission ratio. 3. A copy of the annual sales plan is set by you. 4. Provide a copy of your resume. 5. A copy of your ID card. 4. Send the above contents to: sdyibiao@163.com
    5. We agree to schedule an interview and sign a partnership agreement after the two parties agree.
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