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  • Job Title:
    Environmental engineer
  • Validity period:
  • Recruitment:
  • working address:
  • Recruitment methods:
    full time
  • Recruitment content:
    description of job:
    1. Engage in the development and application of environmental protection technologies;
    2. Environmental protection process development, from feasibility study report, technical route formulation and demonstration to achievement transformation and acceptance evaluation;
    3. Cooperate with sales to complete sales-related technical communication.
    job requirements:
    1. University degree or above, major in environmental chemistry, environmental engineering, chemical engineering and technology, water supply and drainage, etc .;
    2. Familiar with the water treatment industry, including sewage and wastewater treatment processes and processes, membrane treatment systems, etc., more than 1 year of work experience, and experience in the research and development or design of sewage and wastewater treatment processes;
    3. Strong language communication ability, able to conduct related technical communication with relevant users and engineering companies alone;
    4. Can independently formulate and demonstrate water treatment related technical routes, participate in construction process design until acceptance evaluation;
    5. Proficient in using CAD, Word and Excel software;
    6. Have a good team spirit and sense of responsibility.
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