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NC talent needs urgent education plus practical operation to open the door to employment

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旗下机械英才网(http://www.mechr.com/)主办的第七十三届机械专场招聘会在北京人才市场海淀分部顺利举办。 On October 11, 2012, the Seventy-third Machinery Special Recruitment Fair hosted by the Mechanical Talent Network (http://www.mechr.com/) , a subsidiary of Talent Network, was successfully held in the Haidian Branch of Beijing Talent Market. Attending this job fair are Beijing Shuangjia Chuangyou Technology Co., Ltd., Beijing Baodelong Precision Machinery Co., Ltd., Beijing Taituo Precision Cleaning Equipment Co., Ltd., Beijing Qingda Tianyi Technology Co., Ltd., and Beijing Zhongding Xinyuan Technology Development. Co., Ltd., Beijing Aerospace Zhenbang Precision Machinery Co., Ltd., Beijing Jingye Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd., Beijing Jingcheng New Energy Co., Ltd. and more than 70 well-known enterprises participated in the exhibition.

As the recruitment season peaks, the supply of talent is on the rise, and companies are actively recruiting talent. This year's Machinery Recruitment Fair not only brought a lot of fresh graduates, international students, experienced people, but even juniors and seniors graduating also came to consult suitable positions. Hot job positions at this job fair include: mechanical design project engineers, mechanical engineer assistants, process engineers, senior CNC technicians, CNC machine tool structural design engineers, CNC lathe operators, etc.

Urgent need for CNC talents, strength + practice is the last word

The 21st century is the Internet era. With the development of computer technology, digital control technology has been in-depth and applied to various fields, especially machinery manufacturing. Ordinary machinery is gradually being replaced by high-efficiency, high-precision, high-automatic CNC machinery. . At present, although the numerical control rate of China's mechanical equipment is not as high as that of foreign machinery numerical control, with the development and application of new technologies in China's machinery industry, the leading position of the world's manufacturing processing centers, the use, maintenance and repair of CNC machine tools Tensions facing a large gap.

There are many companies recruiting CNC talents on the scene of this machinery job fair. In response to the shortage of NC talents in the industry, HR of Beijing Tepukang Technology Co., Ltd. said that as a NC practitioner, it has a wide range of industries and can be engaged in modern manufacturing molds, watches and clocks, hardware industry, small and medium manufacturing, and computer Drawing, CNC programming and design, machining center operation, mold design and manufacturing, etc. At present, this type of talent in the talent market is slightly inadequate. It is also very difficult for companies to find suitable talents. Eventually, mold design, CAD / CAM engineer, CNC programming, CNC machining and other positions have gradually become popular recruitment positions. For the practitioners, not only must have strong practical ability, be familiar with the processing technology of new products, but also master systematic and solid theoretical knowledge. Strength + practice is the last word. Therefore, a high education is one aspect, and more importantly, a strong operational ability. This is the most urgently needed talent in the society.

Yingcai Networks' professional guidance experts said that NC technology is an advanced technology in the machinery manufacturing industry. With the rapid development of the country and the continuous upgrading of technology, enterprises urgently need professionals skilled in numerical control technology. As a professional in numerical control technology, the monthly salary generally ranges from 3,000 to 10,000 yuan. To engage in this job, you need to meet the following conditions: first, you are interested in and love CNC technology; second, you need to have mechanical drawing and other process knowledge; third, you must have relevant work experience; fourth, you must have a bachelor degree or above, and you need Major in mechanical and electrical engineering.

Overseas talents return to earnest, employment prospects are very broad

At the scene of the current machinery recruitment fair, there is a steady stream of returnees. According to the staff of the Talent Network, most companies have received the resumes of overseas students. They do not require excessive salary, do not require the implementation of the hukou, only hope to get Job opportunities and hope that companies can fully cultivate themselves.

According to Yingcai's career guidance experts, the country is becoming stronger and stronger, and more and more made in China occupy the world. We already have advanced science and technology, excellent talent training, and huge market prospects. This is why foreign students have been studying abroad in recent years. The main reason for returning home, and they also want to start from the foundation and prove their value with their own strength.

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