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Frequently Asked Questions
1. What are the types of members of Chemical Machinery Network?
At present, the members of Chemical Machinery Network are divided into three types, free members, gold members, VIP members.

2. What are the advantages of Chemical Machinery Network?
(1) After years of careful operation, it enjoys a high reputation in the industry and a high number of visitors.
(2) Technical advantages, unique website functions, which can make each member's platform different.
(3) It is rich in information, highly professional, and has a large number of members.
(4) Through the full cooperation with the media and exhibitions, it can provide members with multi-directional publicity.
(5) Special humanized services, including messenger services and secretarial services.

What are the benefits of free membership?
(1) Freely browse most of the high-quality information on the website.
(2) Independent third-level domain name abc.b2b.z-han.com fixed style template website, which can be published and modified independently.
(3) Can publish, delete, and modify 100 pieces of product information independently.
(4) Use talent recruitment and success stories, online business text selection function.
(5) The commercial information and products you post will have the opportunity to be indexed by major search engines.

4. What are the rights and benefits of Gold members?
(1) Enjoy all the services of ordinary members.
(2) Unique and ever-changing website functions, modify the website style at any time.
(3) Can independently publish, delete, and modify 1500 pieces of product information.
(4) Information released in columns such as business opportunities, company libraries, and product displays is preferred.
(5) All advertising services enjoy discounts.
(6) All the trade fairs, exhibitions and seminars that this website participates in provide free publicity.

5. What are the rights and benefits of VIP members?
(1) Enjoy all the services of a Gold Member.
(2) Can independently publish, delete, and modify 2000 pieces of product information.
(3) Give keywords a fixed ranking service. For more information 400-667-8871
(4) Personalized messenger service, secretarial service.

Are there trials for Gold and VIP members?

7. What should I do if I forget my registered username or password?
You can click "Forgot Login Name" to retrieve your registered user name and password through the mailbox, or click "Forgot Password" to answer the prompt questions and answers filled in registration. If it is correct, the system will automatically send your password back to you for registration Mailbox. If you have lost all the information, please mark the copy of the business license (within the validity period of the annual inspection) for the login name or password, and send it to 0519-89897519 with the official seal.

8. What is keyword advertising?
Keyword is a service form launched by manufacturers of different products in the industry. Register first and use first. We use keyword protection for companies that register for priority use. The keywords can be formulated according to the characteristics of the company's products.

What is a Logo Advertisement?
Logo (Logo) advertisement is an image or flash that displays the theme of a company's logo, trademark, or product in a prominent position on the website. The advertisement is displayed in a graphic and textual manner with a prominent position and vivid image. .

10. Are pictures and text recommendations free?
No, it is a paid service. For more information: 400-667-8871

11. I want to build my own website. How do I do it?
In our service section, there is the process of building a company's website. If you have other questions, please contact us at 400-667-8871.
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