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请正确填写右边申请信息,并提交给我们;如果是图片连接申请,请上传100px*40px标准图片,如果不上传图片,我们将作为文字链接处理;首页推荐只有文字推荐,不管是否上传图片,都以文字方式显示。 1. Please fill in the application information on the right and submit it to us; if it is an application for image connection, please upload a 100px * 40px standard picture; if you do not upload an image, we will treat it as a text link; the homepage recommendation is only a text recommendation, regardless of whether the image is uploaded , Are displayed as text.
在提交申请后,请将我们的相关友情链接放到贵公司网站上(相关链接可在下面选择),我们工作人员会检查后审核。 2. After submitting the application, please put our related friendship links on your company's website (relevant links can be selected below), and our staff will review and review.
如果在申请中有其它特殊要求请电话跟我们联系,联系电话:0519-89897517 3. If you have other special requirements in the application, please contact us by phone: 0519-89897517
本站将不定期检查连接站点,对不符要求的站点或者没有本站链接的站点立即删除。 4. This site will check the connected sites from time to time, and immediately delete the sites that do not meet the requirements or sites without links to this site.
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